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Leave my Jordan Retros alone! I know that is exactly what some of the many avid Jordan shoe fanatics are

saying right now. cheap real jordans

My Retros are perfectly fine they way they are. The original Jordan 8 needs absolutely no

changes made to it. In fact, there is not a single pair of Jordan Retros that I own that needs to be tampered

with. I hear all those comments every single day. And I completely understand. The Air Jordan 8 is an epic

shoe. It is the shoe Michael Jordan wore on his way to a 3rd NBA Finals Championship Ring. Why mess with it?

Well, Jordan Brand feels like this epic shoe needed some re-tooling to improve the performance standards that

are needed for today's basketball player. JB felt like some updated technology was necessary on the Jordan 8.

As a result, the cheap retro jordans

was created with some of the most innovative, high performance technology in the basketball shoe game.

Nike Flywire side panels now make up this new shoe's upper and replaces the internal padding of the original.

The shoe's silhouette has been slimmed down to create a lower and sleeker shoe. In addition the re-enforced

strap system has been streamlined with updated technology specifications. Yes, I know, for some, these

changes still don't justify the reasoning behind the changing of a classic Jordan.

Regardless, JB is going to release this new shoe in five different colorways during the month of October. The

first will be real cheap jordans Silver

on the 22nd of this month. Included in the upcoming releases is the epic Jordan 8 "Playoffs" colorway. This

new 8. 0 will use the same color scheme of that classic. Black is featured on the upper and strap system. The

midsole uses both Metallic Silver and White along with the famous paint splatter design that is also used on

the inner lining. The Jumpman logo is seen on the heel and tongue branding. Completing the shoe off is a

Black solid rubber outsole.

Whether you like it or not, the new Air Jordan 8. 0 will release in a fair amount of colorways this October.

I certainly was in the "not like" category upon first glance of this shoe. This pair of Jordan shoes for

basketball just didn't seem right. Oddly enough, the more and more I look at this shoe, I find myself in the

"like" category

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